Project Monitoring

Since the founding of Westminster Consultants in 1986, we have been developing the role of the monitoring surveyor; a role which is constantly evolving and changing. Westminster Consultants’ project monitoring service is specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of funders and investors in property. Throughout the whole of the development process we closely monitor each project’s performance in terms of budget, timescale and compliance with all statutory and other requirements. Our aim is to ensure that the funder is lending on secure, profitable developments which will realise their loan interest, capital repayments and profit share elements.

We understand that timing is everything when it comes to property development. That is why Westminster Consultants provides a prompt service which delivers the right level of input at all stages of the development process. Whether it is during the due diligence process in the run up to a site acquisition, or during the development phase when agreeing loan drawdowns, we pride ourselves in providing concise, relevant and timely advice.

Westminster Consultants also uses the latest technology, processes and uncompromising service to constantly redefine our clients expectations.

Due Diligence

Through our wealth of specialist knowledge and experience we are able to identify key issues at an early stage and provide clear advice so that informed decisions can be made quickly, based on accurate information.

Following an inspection of the site and a thorough review of all the documentation we will prepare a detailed initial report which encompasses the development proposals, independent verification of the project budgets, advice on planning, environmental and other statutory requirements, timescales, contractual arrangements, collateral warranties, insurances, party wall matters and rights of light issues.

Throughout the whole of the due diligence process we will liaise closely with the funder, its other professional consultants including solicitors and valuation surveyors, and the borrower to ensure a free flow of information. Our aim is to work collaboratively to identify the risks, establish the mitigation or avoidance strategy and limit the impact on the project. 

LPA Receivership

Bruce Smith and Richard Tait undertake Law of Property Act Receivership appointments and provide advice and appraisals for banks, lenders, liquidators, official receivers, administrators and the like on property options and realisations, building costs and all property related matters.

Expert Witness

Bruce Smith, Richard Tait and Mike Hazelton are able to act as expert witness in dispute resolution cases involving all aspects of development, including project monitoring, development appraisals and construction contracts.